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Build your independent online business with
first customers within 3 months

3 pillars towards financial freedom

We actively work with you for 3 months to get your online business off the ground. In our bootcamp you'll get:


Our learning material will guide you from finding your idea, testing it, and building your business step by step.

By following our processes you avoid making typical mistakes and to not losing focus.


Individual coaching sessions with one of our experienced entrepreneurs will ensure you implement our tools the right way and you receive feedback.

If you are stuck, our coach helps you to find solutions.


You will not be alone. 10-20 individuals will take part in our program.

Exchanging ideas and challenges with others who go through a similar phase in life will prevent you from feeling alone and lost and stay motivated and inspired continuously.

But… this is not for me…

We know by now you might have a lot of questions on your mind why this cannot work for you.
I do not have an idea what business I should build
We will figure that out together with you. However, it can likely be that within the first months you find another idea that works better for you. This is fine. In the beginning of the program we will focus on testing different business ideas to find the right one for you.
I am not experienced and don't know how to build a company
You do not need to. If we selected you for our program we are confident you bring the right attitude and skills to become successful. 

The rest you will learn along the way.

I do not have savings to risk starting a business and survive multiple months without income

You can start working on your business while still being employed. Many business ideas do not need a large upfront investment to start with. By joining our bootcamp remotely you do not have travel cost.

Furthermore, you can pay our program fee in installments.

I might not have enough time
The more time you have to spend working on your new business the better. However, if you can dedicate 10-16 hours per week to this program besides your regular job, you are good to go.
I often read I need a co-founder
It depends what type of business you want to build. If it requires a co-founder, we help you find one.

6 steps towards your own successful business

while co-living and having a ton of fun with inspiring people

STEP 1 Send your application

STEP 2 Get to know each other through several remote video calls

STEP 3 Secure one of the entrant seats

STEP 4 Follow our proven process to find your idea

STEP 5 Get coached by experienced entrepreneurs

STEP 6 Win your first customers


Send your application


Get to know each other through several remote video calls


Secure one of the entrant seats


Win your first customers


Get coached by experienced entrepreneurs


Follow our proven processes to find your idea

Our 3-month program takes your business from zero to first customers


Week Module
1 Goals & Personal finance
2 Find your idea
3 – 4 Test your idea
5 – 8 Build your offering
9 – 12 Generate leads
Win first customers

Every week will consist of 1 input session and 1 coaching session. The rest of the time you work on your tasks and can interact with other program participants and our coaches.

Our program starts every 3 months and can be joined either remotely or on-site in a nice location and co-working space (destination will be shared during the application process).

Your first step towards work independence takes only 10 minutes