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No Guarantees
We make NO GUARANTEES about any success that you’ll get from our Site or our courses or any of our free offers. We will do everything for you to succeed, but we make no guarantees since we try our best but can only control so much about your success through our courses. You understand that the Company makes no guarantees whatsoever regarding any results based on any action or inaction relating to your life, social media accounts or businesses based on the information we share or services we sell or share for free through the Site. Ultimately, we will not be responsible or make any promises for what will happen in your life and business. Even if you’ve worked with us as client before and had certain results, we make no guarantee that they will happen again. We cannot be any more clear about this: We are here for you and want you succeed, but we make no promises regarding results and make no guarantees whatsoever.

We love to share your wins and successes inside our programs. By signing up for our programs and courses, you waive the right to anonymity and any testimonials including unofficial testimonials and words of praise via Instagram stories, public Facebook posts or posts inside our Facebook groups, and direct messages with us have the potential to be used on our marketing materials and/or any promotional efforts. You understand that all confidentiality provisions apply and that testimonials are the only exception to our confidentiality obligations.


  1. Bookings can only be made by adults over 18 years old.
  2. Bookings can not be transferred to other people.

Order cancellation policies for our bootcamp:

  1. Once you made your booking and up to 2 weeks before the program started, you can cancel your booking and refunding the full amount. Please cancel booking via email before the specified time.
  2. 4 weeks before the bootcamp started and from there on, you can still cancel your booking but there will be a 20% fee applied on the remaining program value. For example if you can cancel the program after 2 months, you have to pay the full amount for the first 2 months + 20% cancellation fee of the remaining amount (which is in that example 1/3 months * program price). We will refund any delta you payed too much upfront.
  3. Once you cancelled your program, you immediately lose any offline or online access to the program and its members.
  4. If you just want to change to another program / date in the future, the 20% cancellation fee will not apply.


  1. You must thoroughly check all billing details before making a payment.
  2. The Company uses a third party for the payment process.
  3. The Company takes no responsibility for credit card fraud cases or unauthorized credit card usage on the website.
  4. Payments using certain credit cards might not be accepted, but we support all common credit cards including Visa and Mastercard.
  5. We offer installment payments for certain programs.

For our courses you can either pay up-front in full or you can pay in monthly installments. In the event the payment fails, you will not be able to access any of the information or content sold through our Site or any other of our courses, products or services. In the event of three failed payments, you understand the Company may contract a collection agency to collect the money from you. If you wish to pay off your remaining account balance in full, you can do so at anytime. Please note a payment plan is not a membership, in which you cannot cancel at any time. By signing up for our payment plan, you agree to pay the full balance owing of your payment plan.


For some content we might offer a “money-back guarantee” if you are not satisfied with the content. In that case just send us an email to hello@sy-venture.com and we will refund your order.

For all other products we hold a very sensible ‘Do The Work’ Refund policy which essentially means you have to prove you’ve gone through the entire core curriculum, complete all the required work, answer a few questions which we’ll ask you once you can prove to us that you’ve done the work and then we’ll have the unilateral discretion to grant a refund.

If you decide your purchase was not the right decision for you or your business, please contact our support team at hello@sy-venture.com within 60 days of enrollment. You must include your coursework with your request for a refund. If you request a refund and do not include your coursework by the 60th day, your refund will not be granted. All refunds are discretionary as determined by the Company.

We are about honesty, fairness and customer satisfaction and have no problem issuing a full refund if you’ve actually tried your best and done the work but the course was not fitting for your business and/or business goals.

An example of a situation where we wouldn’t give a refund is if someone doesn’t put in any effort, doesn’t try at our courses, doesn’t take full responsibility for their own success and then asks for their money back. We also do not offer refunds for the following: (1) attempts to use the refund policy as a way to opt-out of any existing financial obligation and/or payment plan already committed to us upon signing up for our program, (2) change of business direction after purchasing the course, and/or (3) inability to complete the program within the 12 month access period.

An example of a situation where we would give a refund is if you do the entire course, tried your best, share with us what you learned and then give an objectively fair reason why you want your money back.

Disclaimer: Due to the digital nature of our course, we do not offer refunds for those who do not do their due diligence to ensure the course is the right fit for them. It is the customers responsibility to review our sales page and terms and conditions carefully prior to purchase, use or access to any of our products and online courses. The goal and target audience of our courses and programs has always been communicated in our marketing, such as our webinars, social media, websites, and sales pages. Please note, we do not offer partial refunds for our programs and our exclusive bonuses and course extensions are non-refundable under any circumstances.

You get access to your purchased course or program immediately upon purchase. Our team actively updates the program to ensure the majority of students’ biggest roadblocks are anticipated, minimized, and addressed. Students are automatically granted access to any updates within our core curriculum and Bonus Bag. Please note, enrolling in our program does not grant free access to any future bonuses other than the ones promised to be offered upon the time of enrollment.

These Terms and Conditions are governed by the law in force in Estonia.

We welcome your questions, comments, and concerns about privacy or any of the information collected from you or about you. Please send us any and all feedback pertaining to privacy, or any other issue.